Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Get Organized

This is the most dramatic winter in my memory. Each day seems to be in competition with the last one. We are sitting on the edge of another 4 inches of snow and anticipating 35° below zero wind chills. But I'm cozy and contented in the studio where new shelves have relieved some of the creative congestion. So "organization" is our theme for this week.

Here is a handsome traveling case for my Prismacolor pencils. But perhaps you'd like to store your knitting needles or designer chopstick collection. It rolls into a cylindrical pouch and is cinched by a contrasting tie secured with a double set of lime buttons. This is a modified pattern by Linda Lum Debono from Better Homes & Gardens, Fall 2008.

This refreshing clutch can carry all the necessities... checkbook, credit cards, etc. But best of all, it has dedicated space for your needle and thread, too. Perfect for soccer moms. No more idle hands in the stands. Sewing Wallet design by Penny Sturges, McCall's America Makes FAST Quilts, Sept. 2008.

I love how the shape of this little journal pouch echoes the design of the fabric. It is just big enough to hold a 5" by 8" notepad, sketchbook or your wallet and keys. The mini pocketbook
on the right is just the size to carry your ID, a debit card and a few bucks for a dash to the library or coffee shop. These are original patterns by Melissa Peda of San Diego, California.

Out last project is a protective cover for your iPod or Blackberry. Make a cover that mirrors your musical taste. I love Dead Can Dance, so the thorns are appropriate to decorate my Pod.
There is a pocket on the back to hold earbuds, too. This pattern can be found on the Better Homes & Gardens website.

All of these projects were researched and stitched by one of my favorite enthusiasts, Melissa Peda. Thanks, Melissa, for all your energy and expertise!


Letterpress said...

I spent the entire evening on your blog, and so enjoyed watching the change of seasons, fabrics, activities at your place. Kudos the photographer on the beautiful pictures, and kudos to you for beautiful fabrics and ideas. I'm destined to have some prairie fabric soon!


Anonymous said...

I will have to check the BH&G website for the blackberry pouch. I have the Edge and it is one of the larger sized models coz of the full keyboard. I haven't been able to find a holder for it. The pencil holder is cute but I would need one at least 3 sizes bigger.