Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Quilted Garden Revived!

I am thrilled to announce that C & T Publishers has reissued my book The Quilted Garden as  
an e-book!!!!!!!!! This means that you can now download the book in the convenience of your own home. Recently, the book has been selling for up to $300 on ebay and Amazon and I have had hundreds of inquiries during workshops. It is very exciting, too, that the book will be available to the new creative generation of sewers and crafters.

I recommend that you first purchase a notebook with a clear pocket cover and a pack of clear sheet protectors to file the pages safely away after downloading. The link for purchasing the book is at the webstore, as well as in the right hand corner of this blog. Pass the word!!!!!!
Last week I put together these star quilts and I'm in love! These were made with Jan Krentz's Diamond Template plus a 9" square and half square. You may remember the Cosmic Star quilt pieced from last years Hothouse fabric.  The dark quilt is made with Prairie Gothic fabrics in the Midnight colorway. I'm very pleased how all the the designs work together to create a giant Spidersweb. Hince the title... Midnight Web.

Because the Midnight quilt was such a success, I could not resist another try, so here is the Strawberry Web. Still to do is the Dusky version, but I'm hoping one of you will take on that project and send me a picture!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Get Organized

This is the most dramatic winter in my memory. Each day seems to be in competition with the last one. We are sitting on the edge of another 4 inches of snow and anticipating 35° below zero wind chills. But I'm cozy and contented in the studio where new shelves have relieved some of the creative congestion. So "organization" is our theme for this week.

Here is a handsome traveling case for my Prismacolor pencils. But perhaps you'd like to store your knitting needles or designer chopstick collection. It rolls into a cylindrical pouch and is cinched by a contrasting tie secured with a double set of lime buttons. This is a modified pattern by Linda Lum Debono from Better Homes & Gardens, Fall 2008.

This refreshing clutch can carry all the necessities... checkbook, credit cards, etc. But best of all, it has dedicated space for your needle and thread, too. Perfect for soccer moms. No more idle hands in the stands. Sewing Wallet design by Penny Sturges, McCall's America Makes FAST Quilts, Sept. 2008.

I love how the shape of this little journal pouch echoes the design of the fabric. It is just big enough to hold a 5" by 8" notepad, sketchbook or your wallet and keys. The mini pocketbook
on the right is just the size to carry your ID, a debit card and a few bucks for a dash to the library or coffee shop. These are original patterns by Melissa Peda of San Diego, California.

Out last project is a protective cover for your iPod or Blackberry. Make a cover that mirrors your musical taste. I love Dead Can Dance, so the thorns are appropriate to decorate my Pod.
There is a pocket on the back to hold earbuds, too. This pattern can be found on the Better Homes & Gardens website.

All of these projects were researched and stitched by one of my favorite enthusiasts, Melissa Peda. Thanks, Melissa, for all your energy and expertise!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Prairie Gothic Silhouettes

This week we can start thinking about fresh projects to brighten the new year. So I thought you'd like to see the Simple Silhouette patterns done in some new colorways. If you visit the web-store you will notice that each Silhouette is sold separately, but every pattern includes directions for making this larger wall quilt by combining your choice of four different motifs. 
The quilt above was make with the Folk Art Simple Silhouette Series and fabrics from the midnight colorway of Prairie Gothic.

Obviously, many combinations are possible. This quilt combines the four Spring Diva Simple Silhouettes in the strawberry Prairie Gothic fabrics. I think it could be nice to group them in a long row to make a table runner or long stairwell wall quilt, too. Good colors for Valentines!

Here we have the Dusky colors used for the butterfly series. Since the individual silhouette quilts are 18", they are also the perfect size for throw pillows, as well. Last week we bit the bullet and ordered a beautiful new bed of maple and walnut in a contemporary Arts & Crafts style, so I am thinking about duvets, too.

Please visit the web-store for an updated list of Prairie Gothic vendors.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

The last two weeks have been busy, as I'm sure yours has been, too. But there has also been some time to relax and regroup for the new year and the next big creative push. The still life photo above was taken on Christmas morning. 

Last week I started a new Prairie Gothic quilt, but ran out of fabric. So I used that as an excuse to make a small art quilt, 20" x 26". It has been a while, so I went to my "Orphan" box and pulled out some shapes from a deserted project and began to play. This funky plant began to develop. I bound it this morning. Perfect timing, as I begin work on the next fabric line this Monday.

So this holiday season has been a nice break and I'm ready to get back to reality. Yes, I've made some resolutions, too... more space, more exercise, more blogs, new website and maybe a new book. New Years is wonderful for great expectations!