Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Prairie Gothic Silhouettes

This week we can start thinking about fresh projects to brighten the new year. So I thought you'd like to see the Simple Silhouette patterns done in some new colorways. If you visit the web-store you will notice that each Silhouette is sold separately, but every pattern includes directions for making this larger wall quilt by combining your choice of four different motifs. 
The quilt above was make with the Folk Art Simple Silhouette Series and fabrics from the midnight colorway of Prairie Gothic.

Obviously, many combinations are possible. This quilt combines the four Spring Diva Simple Silhouettes in the strawberry Prairie Gothic fabrics. I think it could be nice to group them in a long row to make a table runner or long stairwell wall quilt, too. Good colors for Valentines!

Here we have the Dusky colors used for the butterfly series. Since the individual silhouette quilts are 18", they are also the perfect size for throw pillows, as well. Last week we bit the bullet and ordered a beautiful new bed of maple and walnut in a contemporary Arts & Crafts style, so I am thinking about duvets, too.

Please visit the web-store for an updated list of Prairie Gothic vendors.


Carmen Rose said...

Beautiful! That second one is my favorite.

Anonymous said...

I just love those silhouette patterns. The Prairie Gothic fabrics ain'rt bad either!