Sunday, February 26, 2012

Stormy Weather

After a very busy week in the studio we were rewarded with the second real snow storm of the winter. I was out of town for the first one, so this was a welcome event for me. The snow came in the evening and watching it by the yard light was like watching buckets of white ribbon whipping and dancing by the bedroom window. The next morning was so still and white I hated to be the first to disturb it as I wondered down to the studio. But what better place to hang out in the winter?

I showed you this sneak preview a few weeks ago. The piece is finished and I will share it with you now. It is almost a whole cloth quilt, but not quite. Sometimes a fabric is so pretty that it deserves to be left alone to make a statement all by itself. So the body of the quilt is a selvedge to selvedge cut of the plum Primrose Posy fabric from the Early Birds collection for Free Spirit. The print is large and graphic, but also very feminine.

So I simply framed it with apple green sashing and a border of the Strawberry Serenade, also in the plum colorway. The circular quilting is the icing on the cake. It turns a very simple quilt into an elegant one.
On the chair is another "whole cloth" quilt made from another selvedge to selvedge cut of the Potato Vines and Rose Hips fabric from the Prairie Gothic line from a few seasons ago. Hopefully these will encourage you to dig some of those big beautiful prints from your stash and give them a chance to shine in one of your creations!

Lots to do this week, too, since I have some big teaching adventures coming up soon. Check my schedule... perhaps I'll see you in class!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Winter Color Fix

Photography for the new Dragon Threads book, Patchwork Sassaman Style, continued this week. The skies have been heavy and gray, so it has been nice to be absorbed in so much color indoors. Here is a picture of a new quilt made with the Early Birds Fabric. It is a traditional Cross in a Diamond design.

It uses two colorways of the Strawberry Serenade fabric, one with a dark background and the other with a white ground. They are five and a half inch finished squares divided by 3 one inch strips of the Curlicue fabrics, for a 14" finished block. The border is made from the Berry Patch Border design. It was quite the perfect subject for Valentine's Day photography.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Wrapping up the Details

This weekend we took some "glamour" shots for the new Dragon Threads book, Patchwork Sassaman Style. Between spells of sunshine and clouds, we set up scenes to show off the quilts around the house.

Here is Pumpkin, Greg's other assistant, taking a cat nap on the set! A few more words and photos will supply my editor and designer will plenty of goodies to work with. Now back to work!