Monday, September 15, 2008

Forest Forms

There have been dramatic changes in the landscape this week. The soybeans have suddenly turned the countryside golden and the green corn is beginning to brown. Plus it has been one of the wettest weekends ever recorded here. Autumn atmosphere has arrived. In the depths of the forest behind the house the dripping canopy of trees look dark and mysterious. The soaking black trunks and stumps are sprouting some of the most amazing forms. Greg spends lots of time pouring over the mushroom guides, as he is anxious to harvest some for our dinner. But so far, it is  hard to determine the good from the bad! But design wise they all look fine.

These Baneberries look like an "eyeball" plant. Love it! So I guess you can see where my inspiration comes from. There is so much LIFE, even here in the "ordinary" Midwest! And that is exactly what the Prairie Gothic fabric designs are all about.

 The insect world is a big part of the action, too, so they also have a starring role this season. This is a design I have been thinking about for years. It is one of the three designs (in all three colorways) being printed in home dec fabric. I'd like to recover the porch furniture with "bugs".

In keeping with this mysterious theme, here is the Lace pattern, also in the Midnight color way.
This is another design playing off Queen Ann's Lace, but from a different perspective this time.
I think this would make awesome napkins or a table cloth. Hopefully,  you are dreaming up some projects of your own, too!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Summer's End

Where has it gone? It has been a very busy season for me. Travel and teaching has consumed most of my time. But the last two weeks have been at home and it has been wonderful. Watering the vegetable garden in the late afternoon has been a sublime chore. Standing among the towering vines that are radiating warmth and a "green" fragrance and the stillness of the day with only the bees humming is a sensory treat.

But this weekend autumn was in the air! This is the time when my body rejoices and begins to wake up. Today it is raining and I may have to turn on the studio heat. That's the wonderful thing about living in the country... everyday is entertaining!

Also during the last two weeks, I have begun working with the new fabrics. This line is called Prairie Gothic and inspired by the quietly sensational wildflowers and ever present insects in my Midwestern summer landscape. This season I was determined to included a more subdued pallet for one of the colorways. I agonized over the right combinations, but I am really pleased with the outcome.

Also, I have signed up to have my first booth at Houston Market and I am in a bit of a panic! Hmmm... an understatement. I wake up at 3:30 every night thinking of all the things I want show there! I am calling it Jane's "Idea Booth" and I hope you will stop.

This design is called Teasel and Lace and shown in the Dusky colorway. It is available in quilt weight cotton, but also in upholstery goods.  It combines a traditionally inspired repeat with some contemporary wit and decadence. I think it would be fabulous in a rehabbed bungalow or Victorian. Can't you imagine it on a fainting couch?

Here is the Dusky Coneflower design. I have already used it in pillowcases and they look great!
More sneak previews next week! I will also keep you posted on the Idea Booth and would love any ideas and suggestions.