Monday, September 8, 2008

Summer's End

Where has it gone? It has been a very busy season for me. Travel and teaching has consumed most of my time. But the last two weeks have been at home and it has been wonderful. Watering the vegetable garden in the late afternoon has been a sublime chore. Standing among the towering vines that are radiating warmth and a "green" fragrance and the stillness of the day with only the bees humming is a sensory treat.

But this weekend autumn was in the air! This is the time when my body rejoices and begins to wake up. Today it is raining and I may have to turn on the studio heat. That's the wonderful thing about living in the country... everyday is entertaining!

Also during the last two weeks, I have begun working with the new fabrics. This line is called Prairie Gothic and inspired by the quietly sensational wildflowers and ever present insects in my Midwestern summer landscape. This season I was determined to included a more subdued pallet for one of the colorways. I agonized over the right combinations, but I am really pleased with the outcome.

Also, I have signed up to have my first booth at Houston Market and I am in a bit of a panic! Hmmm... an understatement. I wake up at 3:30 every night thinking of all the things I want show there! I am calling it Jane's "Idea Booth" and I hope you will stop.

This design is called Teasel and Lace and shown in the Dusky colorway. It is available in quilt weight cotton, but also in upholstery goods.  It combines a traditionally inspired repeat with some contemporary wit and decadence. I think it would be fabulous in a rehabbed bungalow or Victorian. Can't you imagine it on a fainting couch?

Here is the Dusky Coneflower design. I have already used it in pillowcases and they look great!
More sneak previews next week! I will also keep you posted on the Idea Booth and would love any ideas and suggestions. 


MelissaS said...

You can't see me drooling, but I am. They are gorgeous! I can't wait to see them all!

mathea said...

They are both beautiful - I can totally see the first one on my couch, Victorian, yes, but it would really fit in with my "semi-Art Noveauish" style too :-)

Emily said...

The coneflower is my all time favorite one of your fabrics! So pretty! Also--upholstery weight?! Yay!

Nana B said...

The fabric is wonderful, I go more for your contemporary view of life, and am totally into the flowers and "weeds". You will be fine in Houston and welcome to the crazy life of getting ready. I will stop and see you if Shelly lets me out of our booth (Cedar Canyon Textiles). So we will see you in October.

Unknown said...

oh, Jane, that teasel and lace is to die for, I adore it. You have combined some of my favorite images in that one.

Cherri said...

ohmygosh...what great fabrics! love, love love the teasel and lace design. Have a wonderful time in Houston and encourage shop owners to buy your whole collection not just 2 ot 3 designs. I always have a hard time finding all the Sassaman designs in one place.

PETE said...

The new fabrics look great and I am thinking about uusing them for a tablecloth and napkins. If the heavier fabric works for the tablecloth, the cotton will coordinate and make great napkins. Our dining table is not a usual size so we have to hand make tablecloths.
Thanks for the inspiration
- Pete Piche from Traverse City
a "man of the cloth"

Pattyskypants said...

Although I LOVE Fall weather, it is sad to see the garden dying back, even when the leaves turn and give us so much color.