Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Baking

It's so nice to have a baker in the family, especially during this season of celebration! Willow always makes us treats for the holidays. Last weekend she made three kinds of croissants... bacon and tomato, onion and apple. I can't remember the last time I've baked because I'd rather be quilting. But when the kids were little baking was a favorite activity.

I just happened to have a new apron design made with the Garden Divas fabric. My tomato red kitchen opens onto a saffron and yellow dining area, so the Exotic colorway is perfect for my kitchen color scheme. The apron is reversible and both sides have side pockets.

This pattern was designed to cover both your front and back because I don't like having my backside sticking out, like it does with most aprons. Willie is so slim, though, that she doesn't have that dilemma!
It was fun picking out the fabric combinations and I am quite pleased with the contrasting trim on the pockets and ties. The blue willow fabric really adds some zip.

Here you can see the apron during construction and pinned to my work wall. Basically, I made 4 apron halves, two with pockets and two without. Each fabric was cut to take advantage it's symmetry. The scale of the little dragonfly check also adds some interest. I just love these colors!

Happy and Healthy Christmas to you all!


Melissa P said...

So festive! And how lucky to have Willow baking such delights in your kitchen.

LuLu said...

Howdy Jane,
Beautiful colorful apron and clever design! Enjoy the snow and Willow's baked treats.

Hi to all - and Merry Christmas!

Mary Lou

Bee said...

I love your colorful apron and the design, covering the backside! Your warm colorful home is beautiful also. Merry Christmas!

California Fiber artist and composer said...

I love the wild aprons. What a clever design and a great use of large-scale prints.

pklaw said...

I really like this apron! I am intrigued about how it goes together. Will you be publishing it or doing a tutorial?

Nonnie said...

You know I love your apron too. Will be looking for the published pattern soon....a good winter project for you? (Just teasing!) Thanks so much for 3 great days in Punta Gorda. We really enjoying having you here.