Thursday, January 3, 2008

Jane's Hothouse Garden Fabric

Just like Mother Nature, I'm attached to a contrast in design because contrast creates DRAMA! Look around and you will notice contrast in color, shape and attitude in many natural compositions...a dangerous thorn protecting a voluptuous blossom, the delightful color of a poisonous berry. Very often, it is the extreme contrasts in a plant that make it seem so exotic.

But as a midwestern girl, many of my encounters with these special plants are, by necessity, in hothouse collections and nursery greenhouses. Every visit transports and restores my imagination; each step brings another miracle of design. Hothouses are jewel boxes for incubating inspiration.

This year's line for FreeSpirit celebrates the divinely decadent designs of nature. As in my previous lines of fabric, I continue to challenge myself with more expressive motifs and colors. Now I challenge you to check your timidity at the door and embrace the possibilities of these wild and expressive fabrics.

The Hothouse Garden patterns and colors were designed to work together seamlessly. Pick a colorway and play with 3 or 4 of the patterns. . . you really can't make a mistake! They're also terrific for fussy cutting motifs for use in applique projects. Any of the prints excel as accent fabrics and can add a splash of color, contrast and excitement to your more sedate projects.

This year, the Willow Leaves pattern is back; a favorite of mine and a very popular print from four seasons ago. New Dots, Stars & Spirals and Wild Grass patterns should be in every adventurous quilter's stash . . . they're versatile, expressive and terrific for inspiring your imagination when you find yourself in a conservative funk. Embrace, explore and have fun!

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P.D. Crumbaker said...

Pillow cases and Sassaman fabrics. Great idea!

(a longtime sassaman fan)