Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Winter Wrap-Up

I had hoped to post this blog more than a week ago. But as you can see, I have been busy. In fact, I have been half way around the world and back! Last week I was teaching at the celebrated Australasian Quilt Convention in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. It was a first visit for both Velda Newman and myself and we had to keep pinching ourselves to make sure we weren't dreaming.

This is the beautifully restored Expo Center where the event was held. The vendors were housed on the expansive main floor and the classrooms overlooked from above. The Australian quilters welcomed us with enthusiasm and their unique sense of humor and friendliness. Although the trip was brief, we had an excellent adventure and I look forward to my next visit in July 2010.

Although it was summer in Australia, it's still winter here at home! So this week we will be showing some new winter wraps to keep you cozy and looking good until spring. First, Willow models a coordinating hat and scarf featuring the Dusky Sweet Potato Vine fabric from the Prairie Gothic line. The hat is knit of bulky wool yarn and sprinkled with yoyo flowers. The scarf is lined with matching green polar fleece and trimmed with harmonizing striped ruffles which add femininity and fun.

Here we added a quilted purse to the ensemble. All very rich and extremely wearable.

This outfit predicts the arrival of spring! The saucy cap and scarf use pink polar fleece to guarantee this gear is energy efficient. The fabrics are from the Strawberry colorway of Prairie Gothic from FreeSpirit. 

This cowl scarf is another new design from the studio. It can be buttoned or unbuttoned depending on the weather and the look that you want. Like Willow, I prefer to keep the bottom corners loose to form a collar or dickey effect. This wrap is lined with butterscotch colored fleece to match the coordinating buttons.

We used the Midnight Teasel and Lace fabric with a checkered band for this variation. I think it has a nice combination of comfort and "attitude"... my favorite fashion statement.

Finally, we have a coordinating "Full Fud" topper with a cowl wrap. Even though the colors are neutral, there is a subversive sense of humor at play! This could work well with a formal camels hair coat or a shearling jacket. If you have to keep warm, you may as well have fun and look good doing it!

Thanks to Susan Tempin and Melissa Peda for their excellent sewing skills and attention to details, as always!



Great fashion coordinates Jane. Where do we get the patterns?

Daphne Greig

WillOaks Studio said...

Sounds like a wonderful adventure down under, Jane!! Lucky lady and glad you're safely back. Love your new pieces for the transition to Spring!! Beautiful designs, colors and fun function! Best to you!

Nay C from Nays Place said...

I was a lucky to see you in Melbourne , great to talk to you, to listen to your lecture (sunwashed slides and all) Thankyou for you time and lovely ideas. All I ask is when can we buy your fabrics in Australia.

Jackie Russell said...

Love the scarfs!