Monday, March 30, 2009

Quilting Adventures

In my last post I was off to teach at Quilting Adventures in New Braunfels, Texas. I knew it would be a wonderful time because it was my second visit. But this week was even better than I expected! The weather was fine and smelled of spring and the hospitality was as grand and warm, as ever. And the students really stepped up to their potential!!! It was especially nice to have some familiar faces and old friends in class, too.

As you can see, a five day class allows time to work on complete compositions. Each project was a gem! I think several of the students even surprised themselves this week. Very satisfying to see such variety in one room!

On our free evening a few folk art enthusiasts headed for the Blue Star Arts Complex in San Antonio, about 30 miles away. Our target was to go to San Angel, a wonderful gallery shop known for their comprehensive collections of folk, outsider and visionary art from Mexico, Latin America, the United States and Europe. As soon as we entered I noticed a display of  Pan-American style shirts. I my surprise several of them had been made with Sassaman fabrics! There was also am incredible display of ceramic work by Hilario Hernandez Sanchez.

Then we stopped by Fiber Artspace and to our delight my friend and fellow art quilter, Liz Axford, was having an opening of her beautiful new felted works. The show is up through 
April 24.

So the whole little adventure was truly serendipitous! The entire week was inspiring.