Monday, March 30, 2009

Java Jive & Froggie Friends

Ahhh, spring! Look what rose from the warming earth this week! In spite of the heavy cover of dried oak leaves and winter's debris these little crocus are a sure sign of the verdant explosion to come!

But wait! Winter isn't ready for it's exit yet! The next day a typical Midwestern spring snow storm pulled the boots and parkas back from the closet. But this will just be a memory by the end of this warm day!

In the mean time... the studio has been taken over by caffeine inspired froggie friends! Melissa
Peda has whipped up these stylish coffee sleeves to spice up our morning cup of Joe! 

She has made these for many of her friends and recommends that you wear them on your wrist until you put in your order. So they are also fashionable, reversible and washable!

Here we have a very plump and color coordinated frog sharing the stage. His bean bag body gives a determined attitude to his creative slouch! 

This cast of characters has been overseeing the completion of the next line of FreeSpirit fabric that will be lovingly packaged and mailed to Westminster later this very morning! So I'm feeling a bit lighter... a new moon, spring flowers and a completed deadline... feels good!


Anonymous said...

I have always loved your fabrics, and look forward to the next group.
The frog is adorable, and what a good idea those cup sleeves are!

Suzanne said...

I love your fabrics, so I am anxiously anticipating this new line! I made a tote from your fabrics this last weekend. Please go to:

to see it! Love your designs!

Sharen said...

Hi Jane! I, too, have a very good friend in Martha Lorshbaugh. She is a delight! Loved seeing the pictures on your blog!

What U in Florida is your niece attending this fall? Our #1 DGD will also be in her first year and is so excited.

Sharen in Tampa, FL, USA