Monday, July 7, 2008

Summer Solstice

This has been a very busy period. I have been teaching  on-the-road most of the month. I am currently at the famous Sisters, Oregon Outdoor Quilt Show. But in the meantime, summer has finally arrived to northern Illinois. The bees are buzzing, the humming birds are humming, the lightning bugs are flashing and the MOSQUITOES ARE BITING!!!!

Poor Greg has to mow the lawn in what amounts to a suit of armour. There will be lots of weeds in the garden this season. The safest way to enjoy the flowers is from the comfort of your home. Here are some happy nasturtiums enjoying the evening sun.

Our local community celebrated the seasons arrival by sponsoring a Summer Solstice show. It was held in a wonderful old factory building filled with artists studios. Here are a few dark handsome men who attended the extravaganza... in Hawaiian style Sassaman shirts.

First, Greg is seriously contemplating bug spray as he models the Water Lily Shirt. Perhaps he can just terrorize those bugs with color!

Gabe, on the other hand, is made of stronger stuff. He seems to be daring those mosquitoes to bother him in his red hot "Wavy" shirt. Bugs or no bugs, this is perfect wear for a summer day.
Surfers will flip for these.

Take note of the weeds in the background. A real break through in lawn care! One of the Solstice artists spray painted the weeds. If you can't beat them, enjoy them... I love it!


susan said...

did you bother with a pocket? i have made literally about a thousand aloha shirts with coconut buttons and matching the pocket so you couldnt see it was always fun and sometimes a real pain...having to cut into the middle of a piece of fabric to get it to match where the pocket would lay invisibly. your fabrics work great for aloha shirts...might have to bust a couple out, will get my son to model them and send you a photo or two. love your site by the way.

neen said...

Hmmmmm. I can see that if you use the Water Lily fabric for a woman's shirt, you have to keep a keen eye on placement.... LOL

I really enjoyed seeing you on TQS, with Alex and Ricky. Thank you for sharing all that information.


Patty said...

Thanks for the great pictures of the shirts! I have been collecting red fabrics with yellow for a quilt so I immediately did a search for the Ruffles/Wavy fabric and found it was also available in a yellow with turquoise. I had to have some of each. It is just the ZING I was looking for. Love your work!