Friday, July 25, 2008

Bon Voyage!

It is a constant frustration to have so many ideas for using the fabric and so little time. I pray for elves... like the story of The Shoemaker and his Wife.  So, I am always delighted when you send pictures of your "Sassaman" projects. YOU are my little midnight stitchers who surprise me in the morning with your wonderful work!

And some of your ideas are amazingly fortuitous! This week a little red package arrived from Delaine Little of the Mt. Tam Quilter's Guild in California. To my surprise, there were three perfect baggage tags wrapped in pale pink tissue. Did she know I was heading out the door on a quilter's cruise of the Baltics

Sometimes life works well. Thank you, Delaine! Your work was immediately put into service and will accompany me on this big adventure. And thank you to everyone who has sent photos and inspiration!!! I plan to post it all in an E-album soon. In the mean while, I will attempt to post some travel shots next week, conditions permitting. Bon Voyage!

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Nana B said...

Jane, can you ask your friend where she got the pattern for those luggage tags, please. What a fun gift for friends. Have a great trip, I look forward to seeing photos.