Friday, July 18, 2008

Help! A Bear with No Name

I have just returned from a glorious week teaching at the Quilter's Affair in scenic Sisters, Oregon. The culmination of the celebration was the famous Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show. The whole town and many volunteers begin at 7 am to hang about 1200 quilts all over the quaint town and in no time it becomes an outdoor theater of quilts and quilt fans.

When I got home there was a little surprise waiting on my front porch... with a face only a mother could love! The poor thing was holding a note which read, "Dear Jane, I please need a name! But first some background information about me: I am made of scraps (from material to thread to stuffing), I was born on the summer solstice, I make everyone I meet smile, I'd secretly love to be on your blog! Thank you for all your help!! Forever yours, Nameless Bear.

But this bear is poor in name only! Look at that fat tummy, those lovely ears and that tie!

Of course, we took him right in and now he sits in the Hickory Throne, the seat of honor. We have discovered that he is especially fond of jelly beans and happy to show off his colors.

Here is another cute little critter; this one made by my talented friend, Laura Foster Nicholson.
It is grand to see the fabric put to such squeezable use.

A "bear behind"... please help us name our new housemate... something French perhaps?


Catherine said...

What an adorable bear! How about Jolie Jelly?

AbbyKat said...

How about Fleur la Bear!!!

Marlene said...

Love the bear, let's call him
Chardon Benit

neen said...

How CUTE!!! For a name, how about Petité Amour? You could even call him "Pet," for a nickname.

Katie said...

She's anonymous. How about Jane Doe? :-)

QuiltingFitzy said...

How about celebrating summer with "Geranium" or "Shasta"?

The bear is adorable!

Edzellinni said...

what about "Sassy"? from Sassaman and also kind of a tribute to singer Sarah Vaughan (my DH's favorite) also nicknamed Sassy.