Tuesday, May 5, 2009

May Day

The Empty Spools Seminar at Asilomar was wonderful, as always! One of the things I enjoy most about Empty Spools is their respect for all quilts, traditional or modern. No matter where you are in the quilting world, there is inspiration in every classroom.  And my students amazed me with their patience and determination, once again. 

The weather was warmer than usual and the beach was buzzing with surfers and sun worshippers. Each dawn I joined a group of friends for a brisk walk, in an effort to get back into an exercise routine, as the otters casually ignored our efforts.

Another nice aspect of this seminar is seeing so many old friends and familiar faces. And it is even nicer when a friend comes dressed in my fabric! Here is Bobbie Moon modeling her version of the Saf-T-Pockets pattern called Getting to the Point. This jacket is not only stylish, but very practical, as there are pockets hidden throughout. Bobbie is co-owner of New Moon Textiles in Pasadena, California and an old friend of Empty Spools.

Downtown Pacific Grove is within walking distance from the conference center, so on my free afternoon I like to check in with my favorite shops. My first destination is always Back Porch Fabrics, a fresh, colorful and progressive quilt shop. And then I head around the corner to one of the most funky and fun shops ever, Tessuti Zoo! They specialize in multi-colored home accessories and things that make you smile. They also make and sell lots of bright and unique projects like stuffed creatures and furnishings. I was delighted to see lots of my fabric put to such creative use, like this chair covered in the Ruffles fabric from the Hothouse line.

But the details make all the difference! Note the little fish (one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish)
perched at the top, the lime green piping and the painted dots! A magical seat, indeed.

In spite of my travels, spring settled in at home. Tulips, blood root, marsh poppies, May apples,
trillium, daffodils, bluebell and more are now in their glory! But so are the dandelions and the mustard garlic! So we are looking for recipes for dandelion wine and mustard garlic salad.