Friday, May 15, 2009

Glorious Green

Our house sits on the top of a knoll and is surrounded by trees. It is like perching in a tree house as I sit at the kitchen table; surrounded on all sides by fresh florescent spring green. This morning the birds are especially vocal and their songs seem to mirror our feelings of overwhelming well being. This has been a perfect week... cool, refreshing and optimistic. We have been able to dwell in a green dream of "all possibilities".

Despite all the sighing and revelry,  a little progress was made, too. Thanks to Greg, I was finally able to get my childhood kitchen chairs recovered. It was a hard decision, but the Sweet Potato Vine upholstery fabric was the finalist, as our decor leans toward primary colors. I also think this design enhances the Scandinavian Modern look, which I love.

Some of my Prairie Gothic scraps inspired me to stitch up a couple new reversible pillows, too. I think they are in keeping with the "green" theme, especially with the happy ball fringe.  

The reverse sides are simply single squares of fabric, but the quilting spices them up nicely. In fact, they look so cool and comfortable in the garden, that now I'm thinking of covering the porch furniture in a similar fashion.

As I have written this entry the green outside seems to have intensified and the sky is darkening! Ah!! A perfect day to be buried among books and fabric... heavenly! And perhaps the ideal evening to watch The Wizard of OZ. "Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!"


Lisa said...

The chairs sitting outside are so inviting. I love the pom poms on the pillows, it adds a nice touch.


love the chairs and the pillows! they'd look great on my deck! the pom poms are fabulous!

connie said...


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Thank you,
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Laura Wasilowski said...

There are so many variations of green in my garden I can hardly take it all in. All I need now is a beautiful set of cushions for my chairs with your fabric to make it perfect!

solomi558 said...

I love these fabrics, how nice to cottonreelget away from the predictable--------------

solomi558 said...

Sorry about the garbled post . I shall blame it on my thimble finger, which is poorly at the present time. I,m typing with that finger in the air. I love these fabrics