Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Market Report

Well, finally the day has come! My boxes were here to greet me and they appear to be in OK shape! But my! The space looks so small. Where to begin?

By the end of the day the booth has come together! The colors are extremely optimistic and feminine, especially with the standard white curtains. But it will be hard to miss. Notice that all the patterns have been made up in Prairie Gothic fabrics. All things considered, it's not a bad result for a shoestring budget, limited time and some major anxiety!

Being on a corner was a wonderful vantage point! People could see me and I had a quality people watching perch. But it was strange standing in one place everyday and not being able to visit with my friends in other booths, as in previous years. Luckily, Greg came with me! He is naturally "GREGarious", so he was doing much of the socializing. This was his first visit to Market and I was happy to share this impressive event with him.

This potato chip chair was one of the highlights of the booth. It is covered with the home- dec Midnight Teasel and Lace fabric. We also did directors chairs in the Bug fabric. I think these would be wonderful for dorm rooms, first apartments and screened porches, being light weight and portable. Plus the fabric gives them an "attitude"!
Each of the tower shelves had a little vignette of Sassaman "ideas". Here is a collection made from the Dusky colorway of fabrics. The bamboo plates and little metal vase are from Ikea and decoupaged into very handsome and usable objects. Time to buy some MogPodge everyone!

All the FreeSpirit/Westminster/Rowan designers were close to the Westminster headquarters,
so we did have a chance to mingle with our fellow creators. I am really proud to be included in this talented stable of artists. Brandon Mabley has a beautiful new line for Rowen and he shared a booth with Kaffe Fassett across the way. Here he is modeling his new radiating Sassaman attire!

Here are some happy "women of the cloth" at the end of a long day: Anna Maria Horner,
me, Amy Butler and Tina Givens. I am blessed to have such friends and mentors.

And finally, my new friend and fellow FreeSpirit designer Jay McCarroll of Project Runway fame! His booth was in the opposite corner and constantly filled with fans and autograph seekers, including me. I was astounded when he came over to introduce himself! He spiced
up the week for all of us!!!!!

I am on the road again until Thanksgiving! But this is the last travel of the year and I am looking forward to some serious nesting and house cleaning when I get home again. 


kateuk said...

The stall looks fabulous, the new fabrics are wonderful and in such glorious colourways. Very inspiring.
If you happen to be thinking of visiting the UK, the Victoria and Albert Museum have a Quilt Exhibition coming up in 2010- perhaps you are even exhibiting, it should be good.

Jamie Kalvestran said...

Hi Jane,

Sorry we didn't get a chance to connect before you went to market. Your booth looked fabulous! I didn't make it to market at all this time. My first grand baby (granddaughter) arrived 6 weeks early taking up all of my prep time. So I ended up canceling my booth. It sounds like you had a good show, congratulations!

Jamie Kalvestran