Friday, April 25, 2008

Pajama Party

This week the girls are having a party to celebrate SPRING... a pajama party! So, of course, they have to break out the happy colors for their festive "sleep" wear.

Willow's jammies will be perfect for a midnight giggle fest since they almost glow in the dark! I doubt if they'll get much sleep, an any case.

The contrasting details make these simple PJ's special. I think the perfectly cut pocket and the pant cuffs are the icing on the cake. These would be just as exciting in the black and white or green and yellow Starry Night combination.

Fair Clair indulges Burnt Toast in her favorite pastime wearing sleepers made from the Willow Leaf fabric and jazzed up with some red hot Dots.

I really LOVE this color combination! In fact, I long to have a small overstuffed reading chair covered with these fabrics. But then we'd lose Fair Claire altogether... yikes, it's a little hard to find either of them on the duvet. Sassaman camouflage!

Thanks to Susan for bringing these designs to fruition- hope your eyeballs are OK.

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Jeanne Rhea said...

This is just not fair! You have the best in-house models! Beautiful.