Friday, February 8, 2008

Wonderful Winter Wearables

Welcome to my Idea Book. This is the place to find the freshest recipes for using my latest FreeSpirit fabrics and your classic Sassaman stash. With the help of some friends, we will be going beyond quilting to explore wearables, home decorating and whatever comes to mind.

This week was "all about weather" in northern Illinois. It started with a snowstorm followed by two days of rain and slush up to your knees. Gradually the rain became sleet before it evolved into a 24 hour blizzard with howling winds whipping at 12" of snow. It was glorious!!!!!
So this week we are celebrating our wonderful windfall with some warm winter gear. Like they say, "there's no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes." You must be dressed right to appreciate this dramatic gift and it is a bonus if you can make a fashion statement at the same time.

First, Fair Claire models our snappy little "thinking cap"; like a dollop of raspberry sherbet and lively mint. It was made from Vogue V7981. Just the thing for shopping and short dashes outside.

Next we have a classic 1950's model update for practical modern girls. We call it "The Full Fudd" because Elmer would have loved these! The first Fudd is made with quilted cotton (Jane's Exotic Garden) and lined with Faux fur. Flaps up or flaps down, it's a fully functional Fudd.

Fudd #2 uses the Turquoise Water Lily fabric from the current group, Jane's Hot House Garden and is lined with polar fleece. Note that the fabric has been fussy cut so the design is symmetrical around the head and creates a nice color rhythm. A very fashionable Fudd! They were also made from Vogue V7981.

Finally, Fair Claire wears a headpiece for serious snow shoveling. This is an original pattern inspired by historic costume. The outer layer is quilted and filled with wool batting and lined with coordinating fabric from the Hot House line. The side gussets create a flair to follow the shape of the shoulders and keep the snow from falling down your neck. Yuk!

Cold weather is no excuse to be boring! Turn your winter "blahs" into "Ahhhhs" by putting some bright colors to practical use. You can find a list of stores that carry Jane's Hot House Garden at . Keep cozy and creative! See you next week!


Sondra said...

Dear Jane,
I absolutely love your blog!!!!!!
The hats are the pillows, pillowcases.....can't say enough. Wonderful ideas for our customers. Thank you so much for your inspiration!!!!!!!!
I will be back!
And will let our customers know about your blog.
Thanks for letting us know.

anna said...

Hi Jane,
Anna here from Marton, New Zealand. Great blog with different ideas.Keep up the good work!!!Thanks for the email.
Cheers Anna

Emily said...

Love your new blog, Jane!

Bill said...

Beautiful work as always Jane. How great to hear from you and see what your creative heart is up to.

- Bill Kerr

Laurie said...

I have ALWAYS loved your fabrics. Bright, bold, and unique...just like me! But I have so much trouble cutting into them! Hmmm...pillowcases are a great idea! I need to gather some courage and go for it!

Keep up the great work!

Kerri K said...

I absolutely lurve the cape/hat thingie you made... any chance you will share the pattern??? It looks Faboo in your Fabriques!

Janet said...

Dear Jane,

Our Hothouse Collection arrived today!! The ideas are churning in my brain!! What a great way to melt the winter doldrums!