Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Rainy Day At Last!

It is a delightfully dark and rainy day as I do the countdown for the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, England next week. The forecast predicts that it may be raining there, too. If so, I will be prepared because my wonderful Susan has whipped up this fabulous raincoat!

It is made, of course, with the Early Birds laminated plum Curlicues fabric and lined inside and under the collar with refreshing plum Prairie Poppies. The pattern, McCall's 7204, is another that has been in my collection for years.

Sewing with laminated fabrics can be tricky because the plastic laminate can stick to itself and to your sewing machine. To overcome this dilemma you can purchase a Teflon coated sewing foot or try using painters tape on the bottom of your existing foot.

Susan even made the perfect hat for an exhilarating ensemble from Vogue Accessories pattern V8405. The hat band repeats the Prairie Poppies and is finished with a rosette topped with a felt bead.

I love this photograph! Susan looks very mysterious... like a character in a Miss Marple story! It started to rain just as we finished shooting.

Don't forget to stop by the Lady Sew and Sew Booth, attend the Designer's Dinner or drop in for my Fabric Design lecture if you are at the Festival of Quilts.


kateuk said...

One thing is for sure this Summer here in the UK and that is RAIN.It has held off for the Olympics, but I expect it will be back with us next week- that coat will come in handy.Bring your wellington boots as well.Had a sneak peek at your fabrics at Lady Sew and Sew yesterday...gorgeous.

Monica said...

Be careful what you wish for! Our summer started dry too, but we have more than made up for it recently. Yesterday I woke up to find the street flooded and water pouring into our basement, right on top of my stash! Plastic bins saved the day there, but the carpet is done for.