Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Settling Into Summer

I am still thinking about the wonderful sights I saw during my extraordinary Australian teaching adventure. No matter where I travel, I love to look at houses! I like to imagine the home's inhabitants and wonder about their lives. This is a charming Australian style cottage which I noticed everywhere. Many are being rescued and lovingly renovated and many new homes are being modeled on these quaint ancestors. This architectural style personifies Australia's respect for traditions and good manners.

Another convention that delighted me was morning and afternoon "Tea Time"which occurred with perfect punctuality every workshop day. And almost everyone in class brought their own tea mug from home! And each mug had a special carrying container, as well!

In Brisbane, many of the gals were using the same cute pattern for their Mug Bags. This one belongs to Bev Sellers and happens to be made with Sassaman fabric from the Sunshine & Shadow line. Needless to say, Bev got extra points from the teacher!

Some of these adorable satchels even sported little pockets to carry a favored tea packet. There were always little cakes or scones with whipped cream and jam to enjoy with your tea, too! Consequently, the art of baking cakes is alive and well respected in Australia, too.

The coffee break is a thing of the past in the American workplace, we just carry our paper coffee cups everywhere we go and Starbucks is on every corner. But in Australia Tea Time is a comforting custom that I think we should remember and revive on this side of the world! 

But here, on the home front, the growth is lush, the mosquitoes are ever present and the zucchinis are the size of baseball bats! This morning, on my walk through the park, I noticed the first turned red leaves of autumn and acorns spread over the ground. Summer has peeked, fall is in site and I have some stitching to do in the studio... life is good!


Kerstin said...

Hi Jane,

your fotos are great. Summer leaves, also here in Germany. Do you want to take a look at my new bag? Made with sassaman-fabric ;-)


viele Grüße

Jane Sassaman said...

I love your bag using fabric from my very first line for FreeSpirit. I like to see the fabrics put to such good use!!

Melissa P said...

These mug carriers are so cute! I see some of these in my future. They would make such wonderful gifts.

While summer is waning in IL, our first day of summer weather finally arrived here in So Cal. Life is good!

Diane J. Evans said...

Love the bags, Jane. And I especially enjoyed your interview in "Professional Quilter" -- it sounded just as if you were chatting with all of us. Highly enjoyable!


Connie said...

Love the bag. Do you know where to get the pattern?

judy coates perez said...

Tea time was my favorite thing in New Zealand too. I am all for taking tea breaks. I love the little tea satchels, those are too cute!

Renee said...

Love the tea cup holder. Where can I find the pattern?
Thank you

brownie52 said...

where can I find the pattern for the mug bag just love it. Dianna

Susan said...

Just found this blo I drink tea as well I do not like coffee. Where can I find this tea cup bag pattern

NancyRose said...

In Belgium, it's spring !!!! yesss

Well done for your bag, i love it

Unknown said...

We need the pattern!! Any ideas fellow sewers?

Carmen said...

Pattern? Here you go:


Janet Casswell-Beckmann said...

Janet said
Trying to track down this pattern, no luck yet - none of URLs seem to work - help me out??

HelenP said...

For the pattern, I googled kaingahappenings and the tutorial is on her blog.