Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Compositions in Emerald and Violet

The sun has barely shone all week, but a dusting of snow is finally relieving the darkness. I have been working steadily on the next fabric line and am unusually pleased with its progress. But that means I've been sitting at the computer for days. And as any quilter knows, a day without fondling fabric creates a vitamin deficiency!!!!! So for my health and sanity, I spent the weekend playing with the Sunshine and Shadow fabrics.

I was curious how Jan Krentz's 45 degree Fussy Cut Diamond Ruler would work with Sunshine and Shadow, since it had been so successful with the past fabrics. So that's where I focused my experimentations. After trying many variations in color and motif, this is where I landed (above). Uncharacteristically subdued for "Miss Contrast", but I quite enjoy the verdant lushness that metamorphosed on my work wall. I also like the gentle undulation of the green fronds combined with the spicy glow of periwinkle. I have christened the piece, Emerald Forest.

Here is another quilt in the same Violet colorway. This piece combines all four Simple Silhouette Butterfly patterns and also celebrates Mother Nature's opulence. The asymmetry of the Jack-in-the-Pulpit print creates and interesting setting for the Paradise Butterfly.

Below the Coleus fabric makes a rich surround for the Fluttering Butterfly. The critters are appliqued with a matching satin stitch and the quilting is kept simple to allow the fabric to do most of the hard work.

Hopefully, these quilts are reminders of the emerald green energy hibernating beneath our feet. Time to
pull out those seed catalogs and dream of spring.


Melissa P said...

The "Emerald Forest" is incredible! I love the way the Jack-in-the-Pulpits look in the round.

Diane J. Evans said...

Fabulous, Jane -- another wonderful success! The colors in this fabric line are straight from my own personal rainbow -- love 'em!


kanishk said...

These will make anyone love winter even a little bit -- the colors are wonderful!

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Irish Kathi said...

I love your silhouette patterns. I bought one at your workshop last year and made my guild's challenge using the heart silhoutte. If you are interested in seeing it, check out my blog post, middle of January.