Wednesday, December 2, 2009

More Merry "Making"!

I am hoping that you all survived Thanksgiving and are in the mood for some more holiday merry making. So here is another little idea to add to your crafty gift list. Pot holders are a great excuse to bust into your fabric stash and satisfy your fabric fondling needs on a cold winter's day.

My kitchen is tomato red and flows into an orange and yellow living room, so the fabric was chosen to match the color scheme. I began by making little 8" quilts by sandwiching the top fabric with batting and an ugly back fabric. Then I quilted through the layers with topstitching thread.

Next I covered the ugly back with an 8" square of red terry cloth cut from a cheap fluffy towel.
The binding is machine stitched, remembering that these are meant for use and will get dirty.
So no agonizing over perfection! This would be a perfect use for novelty fabrics, too.

I also want to share our new "Spider" chairs with you. This is one of a pair of walnut
mid-century modern chairs that we had refinished and reupholstered in the Teasel and Lace fabric from last seasons Prairie Gothic line for FreeSpirit. It is really a treat to have such
elegant pieces of furniture wearing my own fabric!

This chair has found a home in front of our red book case. Love the contrast! The extra pillow is for cat protection. As you can see, Pumpkin has already claimed this seat as her own.
Smart cat!!


Melissa P said...

Pumpkin has exquisite taste!

Mindy said...

Oh how I LOVE that fabric. I finally got a piece of it, but haven't decided what one special thing I'll do with it. The chair looks great!

Lisa said...

Love the hot pads and chair. Very pretty.

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Interesting Jane beause before I saw your post I had been making potholders too.
I made mine a little larger and used a slightly different method but they still look so similar!
I've given them to three different people with instructions to use them, wash the and wear them out and they love them.

Darlee Byron said...

Such beautiful fabrics!! The potholders are a fun quick project and the chair looks awesome.

kathy york said...

The chair looks wonderful with your fabrics, and just the perfect spot!! Our orange tabby is also named Pumpkin! Well, one of the them, the other one is Garfield.

kanishk said...

I'll do with it. The chair looks great!

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