Friday, May 16, 2008

May Dance

Each year we learn more about our eccentric little plot of land. It is easy to see it's "bones" in the bare winter, but now the earth is truly quivering with life and we are snapping on our seat belts because there is no turning back once the growing season begins! Native mayapple, trillium, bluebells, shooting stars, bloodroot, Solomon's seal, bleeding hearts and columbines are a few of the regulars that are dancing in clusters all around us. The air is fresh and clear with an occasional whiff of lilac... thanks to Greg who regularly renews the fragrant purple bouquets throughout the house.

So, of course, the girls have to get into the spirit of the season with outfits perfectly suited for a Maypole Dance. Both skirts are made from an original pattern with elastic waistband, three gathered tiers with pleated details and a finish of ruffles at the hem. Although both skirts are identical in construction, the choice of fabrics contribute to a unique statement... but they are both undeniably "over-the-top" with optimism! 

I've become very fond of combining contrasting prints to create "misfits" with unexpected energy. So, of course, the happy prints paired with the striped socks and boots just make me SMILE!

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